7 years later

Today, 7 years later I finally got the opertunity to get a new grade in Taekwondo. I’ve been a 3.cup in WT taekwondo (but 1.cup-2 in ITF) for a while now. After I started in Steinkjer Taekwondo two years ago as a red belt with one strip from ITF, I had to learn all the poomsae’s up to my current rank. It have been challenging and alot of effort from my site, but hell yeah - I DID IT! [Read More]

SQL-Injection is still a problem

Today I came across a website that seemed quite interesting. There was a search function on the page that indicated that I could access the database via some simple commands that manipulate the SQL code to forget what it is set to do and care about my commands instead. My assumptions were correct; the website and database were exposed to SQL-Injection. We are in 2021 and SQL-Injection is still in first place on OWAP’s top ten lists. [Read More]

Awesome blueteam tools

Cybersecurity blue teams are groups of individuals who identify security flaws in information technology systems, verify the effectiveness of security measures, and monitor the systems to ensure that implemented defensive measures remain effective in the future. While not exclusive, this list is heavily biased towards Free Software projects and against proprietary products or corporate services. Automation Ansible Lockdown - Curated collection of information security themed Ansible roles that are both vetted and actively maintained. [Read More]

Every so often...

Every so often, I get sick of basically everything. Walls become suffocating, routine is insufferable, and the city I live in wraps itself against the sky like a cage. So inevitably I duck away and find something to chase (warm faces, the light in autumn, half-formed schemes, etc.), run until I’m dizzy and lost and can’t remember whose couch I’m waking up on or why I crashed there. Weeks later, the sky bruises into swollen dusk, some familiar voice yells for me to come home so I run back into my bed once again, wondering if home is this place more than it is the feeling of staring at an unfamiliar timetable and noticing your heartbeat quicken. [Read More]